Receiving Salvation

I’m sure you’ve come across the t-shirt or hat that says “Jesus is my homeboy” and you might laugh or even wonder who thought of that one.

Many people think they know Jesus or understand God and what he’s all about, but if you set down with them at Starbucks and ask some serious questions about the Father of Heaven they will probably not be able to say much… or what they do say they can’t honestly back it up with any hard evidence.

I can honestly say that i know Jesus Christ because he saved my life when i was 11 years old. Now i know what your thinking “At 11…. haha. What in the world could he have saved you from?” but the truth is he really did. Christ saved me from a broken family.

It was at a time when life was going well under the sun and family vacations were always looked forward to. Then the yelling and screaming began which were followed by throwing things around the house. This continued until finally the marriage ended at a complete stop  and suddenly a divorce occurred.

 It was here that Christ showed up in my life to become my best friend. It was my savior who allowed the situation to not hurt me as much as it could have. Here in the midst of my darkness with no one else around, Jesus became the rock that i could hold on to in the midst of the storm.

Jesus Christ came as God’s only son to deliver us from a horrible eternal judgment that we were doomed to (John 3:16). When Christ came and died on the cross all of our evil died with Him because he carried that evil in himself. Many churches will tell you that you are evil because you lie or cheat or still, well unfortunately a lot of my friends don’t do this so they don’t really fit the illustration.

No the truth is we are all evil in our human nature. Now most people who hear the word “evil” can associate that with Hitler or another horrible figure, well in all honesty you and i are that same evil… yes you are a Hitler. You see evil is simply anything against God himself, something that is not good in God’s eyes.

The ten commandments are the proof that we can’t go without breaking one of these a day. I mean think about it right now. When’s the last time you lied? lusted about someone? argued with your parents? if you think about it you most likely already have committed a sinful act today.

You don’t have to lie to be a sinner just like a dog doesn’t have to bark just to be a dog, both prove what they are in nature by lying or barking but they don’t have to perform such action to be what they already are (hope that made sense). So you and I have been born evil and Jesus Christ not only died for us but rose again three days later. Through his resurrection we have hope because he himself left sin and buried it in the grave.

God sent his son because he wanted his sons and daughters to come back into a deep relationship with him. Now that Jesus has fulfilled his mission we have a choice to either accept him as the sacrifice for our judgment so that we may not have to go to hell but instead have eternal life. But not only is the choice available but the freedom is as well. When we accept Christ as the sacrifice for our evil nature, then we not only receive eternal life but we also receive Christ’ identity… we become children of God.

When i accepted Christ my world was upside down and i loved it. I felt free of guilt and shame and realized that God loved me so much and wanted me to grow even closer to him daily. I learned that i can enjoy God’s very presence when i pray but most importantly that i can be free of my addictions.

You cant’ be free from your addictions if you don’t understand that you must allow Jesus to also be the king or president over your life. His words must be what you live by, remember he died to himself… so we must also do the same to ourselves. That means the desires you have in a relationship, drug or anything else that will look more important than God in your life is evil and it needs to be cut out of your life (john 15).

I can tell you right now from experience that no matter what you are struggling with in family issues, work, finances, self gratification and anything else… you can’t make it without Christ because you still believe you can do something through your own effort. Please wake up and realize that you can’t and you absolutely need Christ to save you in your situation.

If you want what i have and what many other christian brothers and sisters have then simply read Romans 10:9-10

” if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved”.

What God is saying is that you need to come to him and talk. Ask Jesus to give you the gift of eternal life that was made possible through his horrible death and awesome resurrection. If you honestly believe he is the savior then take faith and pray. I promise you that he will meet you where you are right now.

If you have just taken that step then go tell anyone you love and care about,  and let them know what just happened to you… that you have been set free… share with them the joy that is in your heart and enjoy your new walk with God. Congraduations… i can’t wait to see you in heaven someday.


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